Overcome the ongoing challenges of long-reach machining

A number of current trends in manufacturing are magnifying the difficulty of creating precision bores and performing turning operations with extended-length tools. Demand for tighter tolerances and unfailing repeatability grows continuously. New high-performance workpiece materials are more difficult to machine, boosting stress within the machining system. To save time and money, manufacturers are consolidating multiple …

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Tungaloy Expands BXA20 T-CBN Inserts to Enhance Its Solutions for Hard Turning

Tungaloy adds a substantial number of new geometries and shapes to its BXA20 line, a successful grade of coated T-CBN inserts, designed to deliver efficient solutions to hard turning operations. The BXA20 insert boasts a nano-multilayered PVD coating which is twice as thick as conventional grades and coated on a dedicated PcBN substrate with enhanced …

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HIPIMS indexable inserts optimise Walter fir tree cutters

With the indexable insert fir tree cutter, Walter AG has placed a unique tool on the market. The special milling cutter for semi-finishing and finishing fir-tree grooves combines the economic advantages of indexable inserts with the productivity of a multi-stage milling tool. And it does so with excellent precision (finishing profile tolerance ±10 μm). The …

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Twice as cost-efficient up to a diameter of 65 mm with the new Walter Cut GX34 grooving inserts

Walter Tools is launching indexable inserts specifically for deep grooving and parting off up to a diameter of 65 mm. The double-edged inserts can be used in monoblock tools as well as grooving tools with a reinforced blade. They are especially suited for tight spaces and large tool projections. The GX34 grooving inserts are clamped …

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