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SORALUCE SUMMIT has been the opportunity for the sector’s professionals to discover the latest SORALUCE technologies and developments, which has been held from 20 to 22 March at the new PORTAL FACTORY, the most comprehensive and advanced manufacturing centre for large-scale, high power portal machines.

A unique chance to experience our capacities, in real machining conditions, and showcased by top specialists in milling, vertical turning and grinding. At the SORALUCE SUMMIT 2019 | PORTAL SERIES, SORALUCE has presented the benefits of the new solutions and technologies related to the new generation of SORALUCE portal machines.

World premiere SORALUCE Portal Series

The linchpin of the SORALUCE SUMMIT | PORTAL SERIES was the global unveiling of the extraordinary advantages of this new SORALUCE range for machining large components, as the brand yet again shows its leadership and its technological capability.

The new PORTAL SERIES unveiled is part of SORALUCE’s business development. Endorsed by its knowledge and experience in milling and turning technology as well as its position as technological leader in the sector, SORALUCE showcases a complete range of portal machines, including mobile table milling machines, gantry milling machines, multitasking machines, with fixed and moving cross beams, with a full range of heads and other options.

This strategic approach has transformed SORALUCE into a supplier of global machining solutions. As such, SORALUCE focuses on developing technological solutions for different customer requirements which drive efficiency and productivity to its limits.  The new portal series offers a range of machines of high capacity, enhanced precision, multitasking with milling, turning and grinding capability, working area adapted to customer’s requirements, machining with high stock removal rate and customised milling and turning heads.

The new Portal Factory

SORALUCE also presented the NEW PORTAL FACTORY, the most comprehensive and advanced manufacturing centre for large-scale, heavy duty portal machines, which was also the venue of the Summit on this occasion. The NEW FACTORY PORTAL is a very important step forward in the development of the PORTAL SERIES, thus offering a response to the growing demand for machining large parts. The facility is exclusively focused on this type of machines, which account for all the production activity, along with the research and development projects for the portal series.

The new plant has meant an investment of € 9 million. It has a usable surface area of 4,900 m2 (140 metres long and 35 metres wide and 17 m high), which allows the manufacturing of large-scale portal machines. Its crane capacity is up to 80 Tn.

The new PORTAL FACTORY opened during the SORALUCE SUMMIT | PORTAL SERIES is a milestone in SORALUCE’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020 focusing on the expansion of the product range, technological differentiation, the development of customer sectors and the consolidation of SORALUCE’s presence on the new international markets.


Engineering power knowledge

The aim of SORALUCE is to create value for customers. However, it is not enough to meet expectations to be successful and we have to exceed them, which means designing and constructing new products, offering “best in class” services, being capable of customising our solutions and technologically leading the market. Furthermore, this package contributes to improve the productivity and cost-effectiveness of each of our customers. Therefore, the SORALUCE SUMMIT was the ideal setting to share experiences among professionals of the sector and build the future together.

A good example of this was special integral projects showcased by SORALUCE, specifically developed for some customers working closely on R&D&I and with the support of its research centre.

Multitasking solutions to increase the productivity and precision of machining processes

The multitasking solutions, which allow different machining operations to be integrated into one single machine, make it possible to reduce cycle times, save on costs and increase the efficiency of the machining processes.

In this sense, the European manufacturer of machine tools SORALUCE has reshaped the concept of “multitasking”, traditionally associated with the integration of turning and milling in one machine, thanks to the development of advanced technologies which allow the addition of grinding. This last operation is the phase which requires the highest level of precision during the machining process and the one which concludes the manufacturing of high added value industrial components.

The technologies that we have developed at SORALUCE make it possible for the different stages of the machining process of components to be carried out using the same machine, efficiently, and providing high-precision results”, guarantees Andres Mazkiaran, Multitasking Product Manager at SORALUCE.

The multitasking concept developed by the company, which can be incorporated into the entire range of the manufacturer’s machines, provides high impact advantages such as cutting the amount of time dedicated to the loading, unloading and centring of parts as, given that the different tasks are carried out in one machine, these operations need only be completed once.

But, in addition to this, choosing a multitasking system implies a reduction in investment in terms of the number of equipment, a decrease in the amount of space needed in the plant itself as well as the amount of resources required.


Therefore, the multitasking systems are versatile, compact, provide great flexibility, increase efficiency in the process and make it possible to produce small batches efficiently.

The SORALUCE multitasking centres are equipped with mechanical transmission and high-torque multitasking indexing heads and SORALUCE tables which provide a high level of versatility as they make it possible to machine parts of different sizes and shapes.

With extensive experience in the field of milling and turning, SORALUCE develops customised cycles to complement the systems of manufacturers of numeric controls (CNC), such as the kinematic management of the heads which, using one tool corrector in the whole area, facilitates the programming of simple geometries and makes it possible to move from one process to another in the multasting solutions or customised cycles for different milling, turning and grinding processes. The SORALUCE SUMMIT | PORTAL SERIES allowed to assess in real situations the capabilities and advantages of these interesting options.

Applied technology

As was to be expected, the applied technology was one of the featured aspects during the Summit and SORALUCE yet again showcased its application ability to provide major solutions to common problems in machining, such as: Smart damping solutions to boost stock removal capacity during machining, Advanced vision system for the alignment of large parts, or Smart HMI, intuitive, ergonomic and easy-to-use intelligent interface, which shortens work times and increases the efficiency of the whole process.