Renishaw participates as a speaker at AVANÇAT · 3D, challenges and business opportunities for additive manufacturing

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On 28th November Renishaw took part as a speaker in the workshop ‘AVANÇAT · 3D, challenges and business opportunities for 3D printing’, organized by the city council of Terrassa and the LEITAT technology center in Barcelona.

The day brought together experts, companies and start-ups to discuss and contrast opinions regarding how they have carried out the implementation of technology in their processes. They also discussed what have been the challenges and advantages they have encountered whilst manufacturing their components with this technology.

Jordi William Carnes, President of LEITAT and Isaac Albert i Agut, Deputy Mayor of the economic promotion of the city of Terrassa, have welcomed the attendees, as well as explained to them the importance of the developing of additive manufacturing technology in the region and its companies.

Also, in the first round of presentations, Magí Galindo, Scientific Director of the AM / 3DP unit of LEITAT, focus on the different processes that make up 3D printing, what materials can be used and which are the main sectors implementing it beyond a prototyping process.


Closing this round of presentations before companies presented their success stories, was Francisco Parejo, Renishaw Sales Area Manager for the East zone of the Iberian Peninsula.

Parejo talked about the use of metal additive manufacturing, how technology is another link in the production chain and how it cannot be isolated in a world apart from the process. Likewise, he mentioned that it is important to understand that if an application is made in additive manufacturing, in order to give the components or parts properties that conventional manufacturing cannot provide, such as weight reduction or internal channels with complex geometries, among others.

The Renishaw representative also indicated that polymer printing is different from metal additive manufacturing, and stressed that manufacturing and subsequent processes (machining, heat treatment, etc.) are different.

Renishaw is a leading company in the industrial sector that in addition to offering additive manufacturing systems, provides knowledge and solutions to those companies that think about investing in this technology.