What is the ToolMaker magazine?

It’s a magazine of Iberian character, modern and innovative. Toolmaker is looking for to inform all the industries sectors, in Spain and Portugal, which are using quality steel in their production chain. This means companies who make or use jigs, fixtures, dies, molds, machine tools, cutting tools, gauges, etc. and other tools used in manufacturing processes. Through technical articles we will provide greater technical knowledge to professionals involved in these industries.
With a quarterly periodicity, we want that the Toolmaker Magazine strengthen the communication channel between the participants in the production chain (engineers, technicians, managers, designers, etc.) in various industrial segments attached to the molds, dies and neighboring industries. We do so by giving voice to all who will want to collaborate with the magazine through the publication of various technical articles that contribute to the development, advancement and productivity of these industries in Portugal and Spain.

ToolMaker magazine Values

• Find people with talent that until now had not the opportunity to submit their articles to the general public and, that until now, not received the due recognition they deserve.
• Streamline the process of communication and contact between companies, managers and employees that acting directly or indirectly in steel processing industry of the Iberian Peninsula.
• Gather technical information that is not normally easy to find or is not available for free.
• Helping our customers to communicate directly with professionals in their sector of activity.
• Serve as a platform for discussion and cooperation among different participants in the supply chain.
• Report to our readers the latest news and innovations that are taking place in the Iberian Peninsula and internationally.
• Be a reference source of professional information, reliable, relevant, useful, and varied for all companies where Portuguese and Spanish is spoken.
• Distinguish itself as a communication channel for specialized Iberian companies that add value to the molds, tools and dies sectors.

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Why read the ToolMaker Magazine!

• It’s an innovative magazine in the Iberian context being the first printed magazine in Portuguese and Spanish supported by large institutions and professionals from industries that use quality steel in their production chain mostly tool and die makers.
• It’s a meeting point between all participants in the production chain (engineers, technicians, managers, designers, etc.) in various industrial segments attached to the quality steel sector.
• By creating an interconnection between two countries in which everyone can offer and advertise their products and services. Also the magazine's readers have always a reference point where they can meet professionals and companies in this sector.
• PThe articles, technical content and advertising inserts are very effective since they endure over time thanks to the character collection of the magazine and because at www.tool-maker.eu it can be seen in the latest publication.
• The quality of the contents of the magazine.
• Once the disclosure has an Iberian and a broad public purpose allows you to put an effective advertising that reaches your potential customers.
• Because it is a cultural, dynamic and cheerful magazine which is given more importance to technical articles with a understandable language.
• Because it is a magazine focused more on learning than merely advertising magazine.

Mission of Toolmaker magazine

The content of this magazine has been specially made to spread information and provide technical guidance to managers and employees that work directly or indirectly with the steel processing industry, as well as other interested parties in understanding the pathways that can lead to collaboration and partnerships between different companies that work in Portugal and Spain. Only the knowledge of this Iberian world, as well as awareness and education of the productive sector and other members of society, can bring understanding about the world we live in and the most appropriate ways to respect him, balancing our daily actions. Therefore, more than spectators of this cycle, we are all also responsible for contributing to the construction and maintenance of a future in which the Iberian society may have more quality of life.
The growing shortage of people who want to work in the industry that uses steel in its production chain is an inherent problem of both Iberian countries. We have to get even closer the acting companies in the Iberian market and promote the strengthening of existing partnerships, create synergies and shorten geographical and economic distances in order to promote the good that is done in Portugal and Spain. All this strengthening of relations is possible despite the regional and cultural diversity that exists in the Iberian Peninsula. In the end, we all win!