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People in the industrial sector are talking about ITEinnove. Who is ITEinnove?

ITEinnove is a company specialized in engineering solutions supported in Siemens technology in terms of CAD/ CAM/CAE/PLM – NX-Teamcenter.

The company staff structure is prominently technical, most notably comprising experts in CAM 3 axes, 3+2, 5 axes with simulated collisions, experts in CNC controls Heidenhain, Fanuc, Fagor, Siemens, in progressive cutters and transfer, welding models, control and in prototypes, among others.

How do companies recognize this specialization?

Companies that turn to us for assistance in improving processes and becoming more productive are pleased to see that the staff serving them at our company understands and is aware of their problems, and knows how to solve them, as it has a high degree of knowledge.

For instance, in the field of CAM, in it is rare in this market to find, at companies similar to ours, technicians with over 25 years of expertise in machining, who know how any CNC machine works, with any control, of those we find at customers and who, moreover, are themselves capable of machining together with the customer and achieving optimization, while reducing manufacturer’s machining times. All this while ensuring that, for example, there will be no collisions on a machine when machining on 5 continuous axles. These technicians generate postprocessors, by adjusting them on the machine, as they can provide training regarding the machine, the CNC control and the NX CAM solution to the customer’s machining staff, always acting actively on the machine and manufacturing with the customer.

Why do you base your specialization on SIEMENS NX-Teamcenter solutions?

When we choose which solutions we like to work and which ones to recommend to our customers, we look for those that can provide the best and greatest solution coverage.

When an SME requests our assistance to implement a CAD 3D system, the first thing we address with it, on top of the product it seeks to design, are the existing processes at the company, so that we can provide solutions enabling it to achieve growth later on, when faced with new needs that can emerge.

We are faced with companies that design using a manufacturer’s CAD 3D, they machine another manufacturer’s CAM, calculate using yet another’s CAE system and manage another supplier’s PLM. This type of implementation is very difficult to manage, given that we need to train the technicians in different programs, and teach them how to facilitate the transfer of information between each of them. This is expensive and not all efficient for companies.

Customers that implement SIEMENS solutions with our assistance know they can design, manufacture, calculate and manage using NX and Teamcenter, that is, using solutions that ensure compatibility among them, as they are all developed using the same technology and by the same manufacturer. This facilitates user training and reduces training as well as implementation times, along with costs.

They know that, whatever needs surfaces at the company, they will find the solution in SIEMENS’ solutions portfolio.

When contacting a company, saying SIEMENS solutions are implemented can make customers feel your solutions are, perhaps, too “big”. Do customers usually tell you they are small companies and that SIEMENS solutions are more than what they need?

When we contact small companies, they all convey this fear to us, but they then notice that such assessment is incorrect, as they can include only the solution they need, and the price is the usual for the market.

SIEMENS solutions are designed for any kind of company: large, SME or microcompany. We meet any need put forth by a designing or manufacturing company, we do so using modular solutions, so that each company can implement the modules according to the corresponding needs.

A customer can start with the NX CAD because at that moment such customer only designs the product, while the manufacturing occurs externally. However, later on, if the customer decides to dispense with external manufacturing in order to manufacture at their own facilities, such customer can implement the NX CAM to continue working on the same system, adding to that CAM’s specific functionalities. And this happens with any need that might emerge.

With SIEMENS solutions, the customer ensures its investment, knowing the needs change. Such customer can grow with the chosen solution, without having to choose different programs.

As you say, ITEinnove is a company specialized in implementing design, manufacturing, calculation and management software solutions. What added value do you provide to your customers?

Our specialization enables us to be a safe value for our customers, since we can provide them with other high value-added services, which are different from a mere specialized implementation of solutions.

For example, when a customer has a workload in design or in manufacturing that he cannot perform using his own resources, we provide qualified staff for design, as well as alternative manufacturing facilities, all this under a strict confidentiality agreement. Our customer is always kept anonymous.

ITEinnove’s head office is located in Bilbao nut it also has other branch offices in Spain. Do your offices provide experts in every field of work?

Though the head office is located in Bilbao, we have facilities in Galicia (Vigo), Catalonia (Barcelona), Cantabria (Santander) and Levante (Valencia).

However, our experts can travel to any company anywhere in Spain.

When customers wish to contact us, we usually advise them to get in touch with the head office, which coordinates all the resources, via our e-mail,, by providing their contact info, and in which field they require assistance.

Within a timeframe no longer than 24 hours, a person in charge will contact the customer in order to forward the request to the corresponding department or expert, so as to provide personalized service according to the need of each company.