A tool cart minimizes the risk of cut injuries

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From practice for practice – according to this motto, SCHUNK, the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology, developed a compact tool cart for up to 156 tool mountings that provides the best protection against cuts in everyday operation as additional storage for the machine due to its trademarked push-fit system.

WerkzeugwagenThe compact SCHUNK tool cart offers space for up to 156 tool mountings


“The tool cart is the result of an internal continual improvement process at the SCHUNK competence center for lathe chucks and stationary workholding in Mengen,” explains Markus Michelberger, Head of Sales Workholding Systems at Heinz-Dieter SCHUNK GmbH & Co. Spanntechnik KG.

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Since the taper interfaces of the tool mountings are freely accessible, the risk of cuts is virtually eliminated










The catalyst for this development was a typical occupational accident in the metal cutting – when removing a tool from the customary shelving system, a machine operator cut their forearm on the edge of a neighbouring tool. As part of the process of continuous improvement, a research project was started with the aim of minimizing the risk of injury when handling and storing tools outside of the machine.


After tool adjustment, the entire cart is moved to the machine


Free access to tools


The carts made such an impression when put into practice that SCHUNK has now equipped every machine at the Mengen plant with an efficient, mobile storage rack. “Since customers always ask us about the tool carts during plant visits, we have decided to add these to our standard program,” reports Markus Michelberger.The stainless steel push-fit system of the SCHUNK tool cart is designed in a way that the sharp cutting edges are always angled away from the machine operator while it is still possible to get safe access to the tool taper.

 MagazinierungThe toolholders are arranged in a way that safe handling is ensured


Because there are gaps for the slots on the opposite side, the toolholder mountings with long tools can also be stored and accessed. The cart is delivered completely pre-assembled and is fitted with industrial rollers and handles for moving safely between tool presetting and the machine.

WerkzeugmaschineThe tool cart can be used on the machine as an additional tool store.

It is available in two sizes and can be custom fitted with slots for interfaces BT 30, 40 and 50, SK/CAT 40, 50, CAPTO C6, HSK-A 40. 63 and 100. A drain pan for coolant is available as an option.