EDGECAM now Supports one of the Fastest 5-Axis Machining Tools

The introduction of a specific 5-axis ‘Tilt’ control strategy, combined with a ‘Barrel Cutter,’ is said to be the most significant enhancement in the latest release of EDGECAM, from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Production Software division. Brand Manager John Buehler says barrel cutters are recognised as one of the fastest tools when 5-axis machining, and are …

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Renishaw expands European reach of AM Solutions Centres

To accelerate the adoption of laser powder bed fusion for series production applications, engineering company Renishaw has expanded its global network of additive manufacturing (AM) Solutions Centres. New facilities in Barcelona (Spain) and Torino (Italy) are now operational to allow local companies to access Renishaw’s equipment and expertise at a fixed and predictable cost. Launched …

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