Introducing the new FANUC P-40iA Paint Robot

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FANUC introduces a flexible new robot. The FANUC P-40iA intelligent robot is the latest addition to FANUC’s paint robots family. Extending the small and mid-size product range along with the Paint Mate 200iA and P-50iB, the six-axes P-40iA is ideally suited to a wide variety of painting and coating applications.

Like every FANUC paint robot, the P-40iA is made out of aluminium and was designed for an easy integration into the shop’s paint or powder systems. It features the same wrist design as the Paint Mate 200iA, which makes it well suited for the most common industrial applications.

Offering the same reliability and proven technology as all FANUC products, the P-40iA robot is easily adaptable to small lot sizes and other modifications. This inherent versatility is further enhanced by the model’s slim arm, lightweight design, and a wide variety of mounting positions – making it the ideal choice for operating environments in which space is at premium.

Key features include:

– 1300 mm reach and 5 kg payload

– IP67 protection

– FM and ATEX Class Div. 1 approved purged and pressurised arm

– an enclosed riser for cable connections and purge flow switch

– high-speed operation for faster robot cycle times

– upright, invert, angle or wall mounting to suit a wide range of work areas

– 360 degrees of rotation on the J1 axis, enabling operation in all directions

– latest R-30iB Mate Plus controller with intuitive iPendant, enhanced screen resolution and more processing power

– supports integrated iRVision and PaintTool Software