FANUC expands the M-20iD and ARC Mate 120iD series

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FANUC has expanded its extensive range of models by two robots: the M-20iD/25 handling robot and the welding version ARC Mate 120iD. Both are characterised by higher axis speeds and a large working range compared to their predecessors. Both new robots are controlled by the R-30iB Plus controller.

The two models have a maximum payload of 25 kg and a range of 1,831 mm. Customers will appreciate that the robot can reach closer to its own base, increasing the active stroke to 1,585 mm compared to its predecessor models. The robots M-20iD/25 and ARC Mate 120iD feature new drive train resulting to significantly higher axis speeds. The repeatability is now further improved up to ± 0.02 mm. Claude Seiler, Manager European Technical Support Robotics at FANUC Europe: “Thanks to the design changes and the optimised design, the new iD robots have a significantly higher motion performance.” More performance and extremely high reliability then lead to effectiveness and profitability.

With its characteristics, the M-20iD/25 is ideal for handling tasks, loading and unloading machines or parts manipulation. Due to its IP67 protection rating for the arm and wrist axis, it is also well suited for applications under adverse environmental conditions such as grinding or deburring.

The new ARC Mate 120iD welding robot, like its smaller brother, the ARC Mate 100iD, has an improved design with optimal passage of cables and media lines. “Thanks to its above-average dynamics and seamless integration of welding equipment, the new ARC Mate 120iD ensures impressive customer productivity increases, reduced assembly effort and lower operating costs (TCO),” Claude Seiler summarises the features of the new welding robot. Considering the robot can now work closer to its base, this gives users 187 mm more working area for their applications. Since the ARC Mate 120iD wrist axes are also equipped with protection class IP67, the robot is well protected against splashes or dust making and is the ideal candidate for welding or cutting applications.

The M-20iD/25 and ARC Mate 120iD come with the new R-30iB Plus controller as standard, with all the new features of the controller: integrated vision system, larger memory, faster CPU and new iPendant. The A-Cabinet controller is the most popular in Europe. The smaller, streamlined version is also available in the Mate Cabinet on request.

Until the first new robots are delivered, the digital models of the M-20iD/25 and the ARC Mate 120iD are also integrated into the FANUC’s own offline programming software ROBOGUIDE. ROBOGUIDE provides integrators, planners and users with a powerful tool that not only allows cells and systems to be designed, but also programmed offline.