Interplastica 2016: Arburg demonstrates automated production

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Interplastica 2016: Arburg demonstrates automated production

    Efficient production of a ready-assembled part in a single process step

  • Perfect coordination of injection moulding machine and robotic system
  • Cost-efficient entry-level automated injection moulding production

At the Interplastica, to be held in Moscow from 26 to 29 January 2016, Arburg will be presenting a practical example of production-efficient, cost-effective automated production. Visitors to exhibition stand C11 in Hall 3 will see a Golden Edition series hydraulic Allrounder and an integrated Multilift Select robotic system produce a toy buggy and assemble it ready for use in a single process step.

This system is an excellent example of how injection moulding companies can increase their efficiency in a targeted way, competitively producing plastic parts at minimal unit costs. The technical features of the exhibit are precisely tailored to the market needs of Russian plastics processing companies.


Toy buggy produced in a single injection moulding cycle

Arburg will demonstrate the high quality, automated and cost-efficient manufacturing of standard products based on the example of a toy buggy. In addition, the exhibit will provide proof of the performance capability of the proven Golden Edition series. An Allrounder 420 C Golden Edition with a clamping force of 1,000 kN and a size 290 injection unit will use a 1+1+2-cavity family mould to produce all parts in a single step. The cycle time is around 30 seconds.

Following the injection moulding process, a Multilift Select robotic system removes the sprue and the four individual parts – the roof, chassis and two axles with overmoulded wheels – and assembles these on an assembly table to produce the finished buggy.


1000-290 CG, Perspektive, GOLDEN EDITION
1000-290 CG, Perspektive, GOLDEN EDITION
Arburg will use an energy-optimised hydraulic Allrounder 420 C Golden Edition to produce toy buggies at the Interplastica 2016 in Moscow.

Energy-optimised Allrounder

The Allrounder is equipped with the Arburg productivity package. This comprises the Arburg energy saving system (AES) with variable speed pump drive and water-cooled drive motor. This makes operation with two control pumps even more economical, allowing two simultaneous movements to be realised. The benefits of the productivity package are the reduction of the energy requirement by up to 20 percent, the shortening of the dry cycle times by around five percent and the minimising of emissions.

An Allrounder 420 C Golden Edition will use a family mould to produce all components in a single step at the Interplastica 2016. A Multilift Select robotic system will assemble the individual parts to produce the finished buggy.

Cost-efficient entry-level automated production

The Multilift Select is the entry-level model among the linear robotic systems from Arburg. It has servo-electric drives and is fully integrated in the Selogica machine control system. For the operator this means: only one data set, a familiar approach during programming and perfect synchronisation of robotic system and machine. In addition, the teach-in function means that the Multilift Select is extremely easy to program.

This configuration allows companies to take their first steps in automated injection moulding production thanks to the proven technology and the ease with which the system can be programmed and operated, as well as the optimum price/performance ratio.