MEUSBURGER, Leading the market with excellence and closeness to customers

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The Meusburger group leads the international market of products to manufacture dies, molds and tools. The company has more than 50 years of experience in steel machining and it´s characterized by the permanent availability of all products for efficient production, providing high quality in all its products. It has been managing knowledge with the WBI method for more than 20 years (a better integration of knowledge), which approach is based on the effective and efficient treatment of knowledge as a determining resource to achieve business success.

During the BIEMH2018 held at the BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre), Meusburger showed its products and its sales manager, Simon Köb, spoke to us about the family’s essence of the company, a value that allows them to be as close as possible to the needs of their customers.


simon köb - revista toolmaker meusburger


“We are a family business focussed on providing the highest quality while maintaining close contact with our customers”



What specific products have Meusburger showed in it stand?, What do you think about the impact of the BIEMH in the industrial sector?


We are showing components and standard parts for injection molds, for dies and also for the jigs and fixture industry. Meusburger has a very extensive product range and offers  everything a tool maker needs. The BIEMH is a very imprortant trade shows for us in Spain and we  are having interesting conversations at this international event. Every day we have plenty of activity on our booth and we are sure we will conclude our presence here very satisfied.




What is your assessment of the Spanish market?


We see it from a very positive perspective. For us it´s an interesting and promising market with a good growth potential;


Would you tell us about the next steps of the company, both in Spain and at a general level?


In Spain we want to furher increase the direct contact to our customers. We continue to expand our sales team in Spain to  strengthen our business relationships, so we can work with our customers in an even more direct way. This is one of our main objectives here. Regarding our next steps at a general level, the integration of PSG, our hot runner company is one of our major projects for the coming years.



What challenges do you see in the sector that can hinder the positioning of the companies that manufacture dies, molds and tooling?


Standard components offer a great opportunity to this customer group as they can rely on a consistent high quality as well as on the fact that they have the parts available extremely quickly – if needs to be they can have a spare part in 24hrs.


On the one hand, we are facing an increasingly demanding and competitive market with decreasing lead times and increasing quality demands – again a great argument for the use of standard parts. On the other hand, especially in Europe, there is a lot of specialization in the sector, so for us it´s absolutely important to work hand in hand with customers and offer a very specific product for each of their needs and to pick up on those trends to have a good value proposition to our customers.


Do you think that, with innovation efforts of companies like Meusburger, these challenges can be overcome completely?


It´s clear that once you overcome a challenge, new challenges appear and you have to manage them. But we will continue working to improve every day and to obtain the best results for our customers.


What is the main market of Meusbuerger?


Our historically strongest markets are Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy – but we have a strong direct sales team in the entire European market. As a market leader we are aggressively expanding our sales efforts in Europe and of course also in Spain.


What intangible values ​​of the company make the difference with competitors?


We are permanently focused on providing the highest quality and maintaining close contact with our customers in ordert o deliver a superior service to each one of them. We see our customers as our partners and if they are successful we will be as well – so our main goal is to improve the position of our customers.