DMG MORI at the Moulding Expo: Integral processes for Die & Mold applications

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DMG MORI will be presenting its expertise in die and mold making at the Moulding Expo, showcasing new paths towards digital and automated production as well as additive manufacturing with powder bed technology as a key future technology. “This year we will show our focus topic and as well our machines. For our focus topic, digitalization, we will show product solutions for the customers and how they can improve their productivity”, explained us Stine Meyer, Head of Technical Communication, at the Moulding Expo International Press Conference.

The exhibition program comprises the CMX 600 V vertical machining center, 5-axis machines such as the DMU 50 3rd Generation and DMU 60 eVo as well as models from ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES. These include the ULTRASONIC 20 for ultrasonic processing, the recently presented LASERTEC 125 Shape for surface structuring and the LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd Generation from the field of additive manufacturing.


Integrated digitization and automation

As a pioneer of digitalization in machine tool manufacture, DMG MORI sees this as an area with strategic future potential. The technology leader will present pathways towards networked production at the Moulding Expo under the catchphrase integrated digitization. For DMG MORI this includes the control and operating system CELOS, which enables digital monitoring of production based on numerous APPs.

“CELOS is our new interface control on the machine, at first, and we have different apps. But CELOS is more than the control because with it we develop the hole system so we have CELOS machine, which means CELOS in the machine, and CELOS manufacturing, that is in the software, so you have a digital factory. There are different solutions for each kind of processes and you can manage all of them with CELOS”, explains Meyer.

DMG MORI will also show automation solutions. “We will show it live and we will explain more and more about this topic because automated machines are crucial components of a digital factory and are therefore an integral part of Industry 4.0”. Thus, at the Moulding Expo DMG MORI will be presenting a PH 150 pallet handling system on a DMU 75 monoBLOCK, the PH 150 has a maximum loading capacity of 250 kg and space for twelve pallets.

The joint venture DMG MORI HEITEC supports DMG MORI in the development and realization of flexible automation solutions, such as workpiece handling. The automation expertise for pallet handling is directly integrated in the production plants of DMG MORI. The interplay between engineering from the DMG MORI production plants and automation expertise on the part of DMG MORI HEITEC provides the user with a customized, integrated and reliable solution – and everything from a single source. Additional service features from DMG MORI HEITEC comprise configuration through to the operation of the system – including the modification or expansion of a system for additional products. DMG MORI will be presenting a DMU 75 monoBLOCK and a CMX 600 V at the Moulding Expo, each equipped with a PH 150 pallet handling system that has a maximum loading capacity of 250 kg and space for twelve pallets.


Additive manufacturing: Two powder bed processing chains

Finally, DMG MORI will show at the Moulding Expo the LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd Generation from the field of additive manufacturing. “In 2013 we presented for the first time the topic of additive manufacturing with LASERTEC 65 3D hybrid which combines additive manufacturing and machining”, explains Meyer. Since then, the company has specialized in additive manufacturing and the related software solutions, including the artificial intelligence in this field. “We recognized that this topic will become more and more important and we also recognized it in our customers because they have to create small units and they need specific solutions, and additive manufacturing is one of them. As you can see the figures of the development of this topic, until 2025 there will be an increase up to 35-50% of this area.”

DMG MORI offers the LASERTEC SLM series (Selective Laser Melting) for additive manufacturing with the powder bed method. The LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd Generation has a 300 × 300 × 300 mm build volume and offers optimum user comfort. Material changes in less than two hours are possible thanks to the rePLUG powder module, which of course guarantees a high level of both process autonomy and industrial safety. Two process chains can be realized with powder bed technology: On the one hand, workpieces produced by means of additive manufacturing can be finished to the required surface quality on a milling machine such as the 5-axis DMU 50 3rd Generation. On the other, the LASERTEC SLM machines can finish previously milled base plates and bases without any need for support structures.