BIG KAISER expands its turning tools range with new sizes and indexable inserts

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BIG KAISER has significantly expanded its range of turning tools, introducing multiple new sizes and indexable inserts. In response to customer feedback, the company has added new C4 and C8 size extensions, a Type F turning tool holder and a range of indexable turning tool inserts to its high-precision rotating tool product portfolio. Customers can now obtain all the tool holding components they need from BIG KAISER.

BIG KAISER has developed the ‘Lathe Master’ for straightforward cutting-edge position setup, eliminating the need for trial cutting. This innovation noticeably reduces setup times on NC (Numerical Control) lathes. A LED light indicates when the tip of the tool touches the sensor plate of the Lathe Master, providing convenient visual guidance to the operator. The Lathe Master can be used for external, internal and face turning applications. It is available in both Ø15 mm and Ø30 mm configurations and exhibits a repeatability of ±2μm.

Another addition to the product line is the Weldon adapter, a surface-mounted chuck now available in size C8. Furthermore, BIG KAISER has expanded its family of BIG Capto tool holders with a size C4, which is becoming increasingly popular as a quick-change system for turret tooling on lathes. BIG Capto C4 is now offered for both rotating tool holders and turning tools for lathes, and complements BIG KAISER’s MEGA chuck rotating tooling program.

Marco Siragna, Head of Product Management at BIG KAISER, said, “BIG KAISER is a leader in high-precision tooling and these new turning tool additions provide customers with a ‘one stop shop’ for perfectly compatible components enabling more applications, better results and significantly higher efficiency.”

The new products are available now and will be showcased at the Tornitura Show in Bergamo, Italy, June 13-15, 2019.